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5 ways to resist militarism

"You Can't Hug Your Child with Nuclear Arms"
Photo: Kyle DePew / AFSC

This list was created by Sahar Vardi and Jesus Palafox from their workshop, "100 years of conscientious objection," at AFSC's 2017 Centennial summit. See this list and others from the summit online at Download this list as a PDF here.

1.       Educate your community! 

  • Bring this issue to your meeting/school/community center. You can find written and video resources here. 
  • Leaflet outside your local recruitment office. 
  • Use NNOMY’s back-to-school kit for counter recruitment and school demilitarization organizing. You can find the resource here 

2.       Support those resisting! 

  • Support a CO somewhere in the world by sending them a support letter and/or protest letter to their embassy. Find COs to support here. 

3.       Keep the military out of your school! 

  • Distribute opt out form in your school and others. 
  • Encourage your school to offer the parents/students way to opt out of the JAMRS 
  • Encourage your school to mandate 8 for the ASVAB if they offer it. You can find more about ASVAB including organizing resources here. 
  • Encourage your school to offer a peace club for students. 
  • Demand your school not invite the military to career days, or at least present an alternative. 

4.       Resist! 

  • Don’t register for the draft and get your peers to do the same. 
  • Picket your local recruitment office. Here’s an idea of how. 

5.       Change policies! 

  • Join local draft committees 
  • Call/write your congressional representatives opposing adding women to the draft registry

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