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5 ways to implement Quaker social change ministry

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Photo: James Wasserman / AFSC

This list was created by Lucy Duncan from their workshop, "Quaker Social Change Ministry: Reclaiming spirit-guided social change working alongside those most impacted," at AFSC's 2017 Centennial summit. See this list and others from the summit online at Download this list as a PDF here.

All materials/exercises cited are available at  

  1. Read A brief introduction to Quaker social change ministry in adult First Day school and consider how this model could be used in your meeting/church. Discuss particularly what kind of covenant you all might develop together. Ask “How would we want to be together as a community?” 

  1. Explore companionship by doing the brief Accompaniment, Companionship, Followership exercise in the Quaker social change ministry manual. Define together these terms and discuss their relationship and how one really lives out such commitments. 

  1. Explore companionship by doing the longer Accompaniment, Companionship exercise using the scenarios written up by social justice activists. What would it look like/feel like to do social justice/peace work this particular way? 

  1. Invite other people in your meeting to consider working together on an issue you all care about within your meeting/church using Quaker social change ministry. 

  1. Form a group, develop a covenant, decide together what issue/partner group you will work with, and begin your work together. Reach out to Lucy Duncan,, for support or to join the most recent QSCM cohort. 

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