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5 ways to get involved

During AFSC's Centennial summit in April 2017, 20 workshops were presented by staff and partners to educate and empower participants to act on a variety of issues that AFSC programs address. The following documents were created as guides to support learning, hosting events, teaching others, contacting policy makers, and taking direct action after the summit had ended.

Advocating for peace in Palestine-Israel


Building Peace


Building Economic Justice



Defending Immigrant Rights



Ending Discrimination



Ending Mass Incarceration


For Quaker meetings or churches

AFSC program staff have created the following documents to guide your Quaker meeting or church in supporting their work on some of our broad issues. 



Give to the AFSC Pandemic Relief Fund

We're advocating for and providing aid to communities navigating the difficult effects of the pandemic. Help us reach our goal of $15,000 by July 15.

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