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4 ways to confront mass incarceration

"We pay for detention quotas" GUI banner
Photo: Arnie Alpert / AFSC

This list was created by Matthew Lowen, Emily Verdugo, and Caroline Isaacs from their workshop, "Confronting Mass Incarceration in Arizona," at AFSC's 2017 Centennial summit. See this list and others from the summit online at Download this list as a PDF here

  1. Sign up for urgent actions with AFSC Arizona at You can also learn more about the work we do and the issues people in Arizona prisons are facing.   

  1. Meet with legislators in your own districts on issues of mass incarceration – focus on divesting from prisons and investing in education and social programs, as well as supporting alternatives to incarceration run by local social service agencies. 

  1. Challenge yourself and others by reading books, articles, stories about and by system-impacted people, by joining an anti-prison or anti-racist group, or by looking for ways to volunteer in your community. 

  1. Actively work to imagine and build a world where we don’t need prisons anymore! 

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