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2019 Town Meeting, Town Council, and City Council Organizing Packet

2019 Town Meeting, Town Council, and City Council Organizing Packet

Trump budget pie chart 2019
Photo: AFSC / National Priorities Project

Worried about the Risk of Nuclear War?   Opposed to the Continued Production of Nuclear Weapons?  Appalled at Excessive Pentagon Spending?  Your Town or City Can Speak Out! 

As Congress slashes funds for healthcare, education, and the environment, Pentagon spending is skyrocketing.  And the continuing existence of thousands of nuclear weapons makes the danger of nuclear war as high as it was during the Cold War.

Town meeting resolutions (“warrant articles”) offer a unique opportunity to educate the public and impact national debate, especially since the 2020 NH Primary campaign will already be going on at an intense level when your town meeting takes place.

City and Town Councils can also debate and approve resolutions through a different process.

In the 1980s, resolutions from New England town meetings propelled the Nuclear Freeze movement to national prominence and turned the arms race around.  In 2019, the presidential primary season will get into full swing. We can amplify our voices for peace through our local governments.  

If you are planning to introduce or support a resolution in your community, please contact Will Hopkins at NH Peace Action.

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