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“Since My Mother Left” briefing resources

Kadi (the moderator) and Javier told the stories of their families’ separation.
Kadi (the moderator) and Javier told the stories of their families’ separation.  Photo: Karen Elliott Greisdorf / AFSC

On July 9, 2014, nearly 100 New Jersey Children and their families traveled to Washington D.C. In Washington, they attended a briefing titled "Since My Mother Left," and testified about the experience of being seperated from their families because of detention and deportation.

The American Friends Service Committee, Detention Watch Network and Friends Committee on National Legislation would like to thank everyone who attended the briefing. We hope that you found the briefing to be both interesting and informative. We encourage you to continue learning about immigration policies under consideration by President Obama and Congress. For those who would like electronic copies of the handouts provided at the briefing, please click on the links below to view helpful resources addressing immigrant detention practices.

A staffer from John Carter’s office (TX) greets some of the visitors.
New Jersey children share deportation stories with Washington lawmakers 2014

AFSC’s Immigrant Rights Program in Newark, New Jersey, partnered with national and local organizations to conduct a Congressional briefing and legislative visits in  Washington, D.C. on July 9, 2014.

Testimonies from children and families - AFSC-Newark
Immigrant detention and family separation

This compilation of nine testimonies serves as an educational tool for policymakers and the public about the hardships of families living under the threat of detention and deportation.

Fair human immigration reform flyer
What would fair, humane reform look like? (downloadable PDF)

Download a PDF of our popular handout, "What would fair, humane immigration reform look like?" 

A New Path (full version)

Our immigration system needs repair. But what will it take to make it work? the American Friends Service committee offers seven principles for a fair and humane immigration system.

Image of Detention Bed Quota flyer
Eliminating the detention bed quota helps women

This factsheet from the National Immigrant Justice Center explains why the immigrant detention bed quota is bad for women and families. 

Picture of AFSC factsheet
Immigrant detention backgrounder

Immigration laws must be based on the rights of due process and a fair day in court, liberty of the person and freedom from arbitrary detention, the protection of refugees, and the unity of the family. Unfortunately, our immigration detention and deportation system runs contrary to these fundamental values.

Family detention 101 flyer
Family detention 101

The U.S. government has a poor track record of maintaining family detention facilities that comply with domestic law and basic human rights standards. Moreover, the use of family detention runs contrary to clear Congressional intent.