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Radical Acting in Faith for White People session 4 small group agenda

Small group agenda to integrate and reflect on core session 4 on direct action, how to engage in meaningful embodied action that involved greater risk and the goal of which is tangible change/benefit in the lives of BIPOC

  1. Gathering worship
  2. Check-in: what has shifted for you as a result of participating in this course?
  3. This can be done as worship-sharing or giving a set amount of time to each person depending on the nature of your group: What are your next steps in your journey and work? How can others in this small group support you and hold you to your next steps?
  4. Closing prayer & worship

If your small group is locally organized and going to continue meeting, think about how you can use the Path of Action & Relational Praxis that Mila spoke about to organize and ground further gatherings.


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