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Radical Acting in Faith for White People session 4 homework

Homework to deepen and integrate learning from Radical Acting in Faith session 4 on direct action, how to engage in meaningful emobodied action that involved greater risk and the goal of which is tangible change/benefit in the lives of BIPOC 

  1. To do before small group meeting: Journaling/art reflection: Take some time to reflect on each topic we have explored - embodiment, listening to & following BIPOC folks, speaking up, and taking direct action - what has been your journey & internal understanding of each of these pieces? How do you understand them? What are the next steps that you need to take? What support do you need to really take these next steps?  Or  Write your journey with white supremacy and think about how it impacted you and how you learned whiteness and how you are beginning to shift. Read Schooled in Disconnection by Lucy if you’d like an example.
  2. Take one action that can lead to tangible results for BIPOC. Journal and reflect on the action, then make your next plan.

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