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Radical Acting in Faith for White People session 1 small group agenda and guide

Purpose: The small groups are designed to give everyone space to engage with the material in the course and get support from others in practicing the skills we are exploring. They are a place to bring questions, debrief and unpack experiences, and places of mutual support for each person’s next steps in this work. The agenda below is offered as a guide to help focus the small groups.

Before the small group meets, please read through the Expectations for Participants in Radical Acting in Faith for White People

  • Opening: Take a moment to get centered, taking a few deep breaths together and come into the virtual space together (~3 min.)
  • Introductions: Name, optional sharing of pronouns, location, & something I want to get out of this small group time (12-15 min.)
  • Each person shares ways they want the group to support them in this space. “Ways I would like this group to support me are . . .” (10 min.)
  • Discussion: (30-45 min)
    • What was something shared in last Thursday’s class that has impact on you or that you have really been sitting with? Why or how?
    • How have we been conditioned to respond when we are feeling guilt/shame/not-good around race? 
    • How can we respond differently in ways that are more embodied, more honest, and engage in the work? 
    • What are the practices – from the last Thursday’s presentation or things we have found other places – that we are using to interrupt, shift, and move guilt/shame/fear around race? 
  • Closing worship: Enter into a time of silent prayer/worship/meditation. Each person is invited to share a prayer request for themselves about their next step in this work with the group. Groups members are asked to hold those prayers* and care for each other in the coming week. (remaining time)

Keep in mind: Participants in this course come from many backgrounds and different faith traditions and some are not religious. Each person is invited to frame their request in the ways that are best for them. During the week, participants are encouraged to pray for the others in their group in the way they pray. If you are not someone who prays, you are invited to take a few minutes each day honor the next step or request of the others in your group in a way that feels authentic to you.


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