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Radical Acting in Faith for White People session 1 Homework

Please try to complete this homework before your small group meets, if at all possible.


  • Read: On Being Good by Sharon Goens-Bradley.
  • Reflect and journal about noticing socialized feelings, what are the actions I tend to take. Before I take them, can I pause and decide if they are aligned with what I want to be doing. What do I do in its place? How can I move beyond upholding my sense of self as “good” person & ego to care more about racial justice?  How can I act in ways that lead to more authentic relationship with myself and others?
  • Read: Embodying Belonging and Coliberation Frame by the Bodhi Project. What are the patterns/beliefs that you hold that get in the way of acting on the whole?
  • Journal about an occasion when your white body supremacy kept you from being in relationship. What happened? What did you feel? When you look back on this moment with curiosity (see Mila’s slide) - what does this lens offer? What is at stake? Retell this story and how you could have showed up in a way with more integrity regarding working for racial justice. What might you risk if you showed up this way?