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Radical Acting in Faith for White People pre-work for session 1

Pre-work before attending session 1

Read White supremacy culture

Reflect and journal on these questions: What feelings emerged as you read this article? Consider how these markers show up in Quaker or faith or liberal white spaces. What interventions might create space for the antidotes instead?

Read From white racist to white antiracist: The lifelong journey by Tema Okun

Reflect and journal on these questions: What stood out for you in this article? Where would you self-identify along this continuum? What additional changes/shifts in behavior/thinking does this article support for you? What parts of the article brought up tense responses? What was emerging at those moments?

Watch Marc Lamont Hill speaking about how white folks can show up for the movement for racial justice

Reflect and journal on these questions: How does offering support differ from asking, “What can I do?” What struck you about this video? What would it look like to show up in support of Black Lives Matter in the way Marc Lamont Hill describes?

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