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Radical Acting in Faith small group agenda following session 3 on speaking up for racial justice

  1. Gathering Worship, review group expectations for participants.
  2. Check-in: What is a time I found myself at an earlier stage of identity development this week? What triggered or elicited that stage in me? What helped me notice it and move? (Here are the slides on white identity development for reference).
  3. Use this list of scenarios and role play how you would engage with them - actually do them as role plays and then debrief, don’t just talk about what you would do.
  4. Debrief questions  
    • What worked well? 
    • What felt stuck or hard?
    • What other ideas do we have about this?
  5. Closing: What is something about speaking up that is hard for you that you want your group to hold you in prayer for?