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Radical Acting in Faith homework to support learning from session 2

Homework: session 2, Accompaniment as anti-racist practice

  1. Listen to Sonya Renee Taylor and Miss Kimberly’s videos again. What parts of yourself get in the way of listening to someone BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color)? When listening to Sonya Renee Taylor or Miss Kimberly what came up for you? Think about your points of resistance and how to listen more mindfully. Notice your responses as you listen to BIPOC speakers in the next week. Notice your resistance and where you find yourself leaning in.

  2. Read out loud and consider the tenets for accompaniment for social change.

    Journal: What resonates with you? What will be more challenging for you to show up in this way? Where’s your resistance to these tenets?

  3. Find out what BIPOC/Black Lives Matter leaders in your area are asking for and wanting community engagement with. Use media, google, research to access this information (don’t put a BIPOC person on the spot to educate you).