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Quaker Social Change Ministry

Quaker Social Change Ministry

Spirited - Congregational - Transformative

Available to all Friends who wish to do Spirit-led, social justice work connected to the work of AFSC, Quaker Social Change Ministry is a transformative approach to social justice work that combines Spirit + Action to:

  • Re-enliven and re-imagine corporate witness

  • Follow the leadership of communities most impacted by injustice

  • Build relationships within the meeting, with local organizations, and with AFSC

  • Bring "Mystics" and "Activists" together

  • Participate in a Spirit-led group process

  • Tell our stories and learn in a supportive environment

  • Co-create the Beloved Community

Quaker Social Change Ministry is based on the work of Kelly Dignan, Kierstin Homblette, and Deborah Holder who created the Small Group Social Change Change Ministry model to support UU congregations interested in doing powerful social justice work at a local level. Quaker Social Change Ministry builds on their original model and adapts it to a Quaker audience.

What is QSCM?


Quaker social change ministry: A vehicle for deepening work for racial justice

In this webinar, learn how to integrate spiritual practice into your social change work while intentionally and actively accompanying people most impacted by injustice.


Quaker Social Change Ministry webinar series

Quaker Social Change Ministry (QSCM) provides a simple but transformative approach to doing social change work, bringing together small groups of Friends to focus on an issue that connects the congregation, the local community, and AFSC. This 2 webinar series shares the model in two parts.

Sanctuary Everywhere webinar: Quaker Social Change Ministry

Watch a recording of our Sanctuary Everywhere webinar "Quaker Social Change Ministry."

QSCM Material

Randy Reeves

Organizing with the Spirit

Note: In this post I tell just a bit of the story of the commutation of the death penalty sentence...

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