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Video and Film Lending Library

Video and Film Lending Library

Paul Shannon speaks at rally about the Pentagon budget

Film Library Program Coordinator Paul Shannon speaks of the need to cut the Pentagon budget at a rally in Boston.

Photo: AFSC

The AFSC Video and Film Lending Library has been providing educators, activists and filmmakers with audio-visual programs for over 55 years. Our collection is an archive of over 1500 DVD’s, videos, films, and slideshows produced between 1960 and 2010, making us perhaps the largest lending library of programs on peace and social justice issues in the country. To request a video or film, email the film librarian at and type “video loan” in the subject field. You can also call the librarian at 617-623-5288.

We ship programs to every state, but cannot ship things internationally. For those living in the Greater Boston Area, you can also pick up programs at our office. For public, group, or classroom showings, we ask donations ranging from $10-$20 to help defray some of our expenses. For home viewing we ask for a $5 donation. We also ask viewers to pay for shipping. For those living near our office we have a $2 per day home video service.