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Seattle, Washington

AFSC's Community Justice Program develops youth leadership for social change. We work to end racial disparities in the juvenile and adult justice systems.

Tyree Scott Leadership Institute

The Tyree Scott Freedom School is a powerful popular education anti-racist learning experience for youth ages 16 to 24. Students develop organizing theory and skills through critical thinking and analysis of racism, militarism, and poverty; studying social transormation movements; field trips; and the exploration of history. We currently have two Summer Freedom Schools and one Winter Freedom School. We also conduct mini-Freedom Schools in high schools, colleges, and juvenile detention centers throughout the year.

Youth Undoing Institutional Racism meets weekly to provide opportunities for youth to develop their leadership for change. Participants gain depth of knowledge about social justice issues; enhance planning, facilitation, and organizing skills; and implement projects that challenge racism.

Healing Justice

EPIC (End the Prison Industrial Complex) brings youth and community members of all ages together to organize and advocate for policies that transform and end the devastating and racist impact of the prison-industrial complex on Black, poor, and other communities of color. EPIC is currently leading the No New Jail campaign to stop the construction of a new youth detention center in Martin Luther King County, Washington.

EPIC is also building "beyond” community-based projects to alleviate the impact of the prison-industrial complex on community. These projects include developing community-based restorative justice projects, cooperative economic projects, alternatives to detention, community-based Peoples Colleges/political education, and a South Seattle Peoples Assembly.


Tyree Scott Freedom School

At the Freedom school, youth explored issues of Racism, poverty, militarism, community organizing and leadership development.