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San Francisco Wage Peace Program

San Francisco Wage Peace Program

The San Francisco Wage Peace program works to reduce public and political support for militarization and state violence by the United States and increase support for and adoption of alternatives to militarism by challenging the prevailing U.S. narrative of military efficacy. We advance a counter-narrative for peace and security that, by producing strategic research and analysis for broader movements to use with communities and media, seeks the shift in consciousness that must precede and accompany policy change.  In addition to education and activism, AFSC employs strategies of alliance building and advocacy to change local, state, and national policies. The principle areas of focus are police militarization by the United States in U.S. and Mexico and the dominant narrative of military service for young people.

Our work to stop arms sales to Mexico.

Our work to stop police militarization.

Learn more about San Francisco Wage Peace here.

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