The Peace Program develops youth leadership for peace and social justice activism.  We Mentor a United Voices youth group which provides experiential learning experiences and leadership opportunities for young social change activists. Expose the harsh realities of military service and refute false information provided by military recruiters and advertising, encouraging young people to pursue alternatives to military enlistment. Organize innovative Beats for Peace events to urge youth to Opt Out of inclusion in the military database. Educate the public about the intolerably high human and economic costs of war.


"One vital part of what I've learned through my membership in United Voices is an education in peace and justice issues....At United Voices meetings the Program Director would bring up topics and news stories and facilitate discussions around them.  In this way I learned a lot about justice and oppression, as well as specific knowledge about politics, history and current events....I've made it part of my life's work to spread this knowledge through workshops, speeches, written media, art and performance, and everyday conversations with friends and strangers to raise consciousness.  Without this knowledge, I was suspicious, prematurely cynical and disenfranchised.  With this knowledge I am empowered to create and inspire change..."

-Elizabeth Wallace