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Since 1976, AFSC New Mexico has identified with the struggles of local peoples working for self-empowerment. AFSC has worked beside local communities to secure water and land use rights, which support traditional ways of life. AFSC New Mexico creates economic viability by training small farmers in sustainable agricultural practices. AFSC has assisted local people and organizations in regaining control over traditionally utilized water resources and determining their future use. The survival of these communities is highly dependent upon the next generation's ability to learn to manage and make use of these resources.

The program is an intersection of creative responses to economic, environmental, human rights and health issues, and could serve as a model for re-creating urban and rural food systems to increase health, wealth and sustainability.

AFSC NM works for systemic change in agriculture through participation in the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture, Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education, and the National Good Food Network as well as state level policy work.

News and updates

Acequia Exhibit Opening Reception
Posted: Apr 6, 2022
San Ysidro Day 2021
Posted: May 12, 2021


Don Bustos

The AFSC’s Don Bustos, an award-winning sustainable farmer, produces food on the same New Mexico land his ancestors have farmed for 300 years.