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AFSC's Peace & Economic Security Program (PES) works with a broad array of partners in its education and organizing for peace, justice, and security.

The program serves as the anchor for AFSC's nuclear disarmament education and organizing.  

Its priorities are:

  • Abolishing nuclear weapons, preventing nuclear war and reducing spending for nuclear weapons.
  • Building issue-integrated movements for peace, justice, democracy and environmental sustainability.
  • Move the Money organizing to reduce U.S. military spending and to fund essential social services, infrastructure revitalization and job creation.
  • Preventing and ending U.S. wars and occupations.
  • Launching the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security.

Click here for 2017 Program Highlights.

PES staff serve as coalition builders, and provide resources and speakers for local, national and international initiatives. Learn more about PES staff.


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