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Cambridge Material Aid and Advocacy Program

Cambridge Material Aid and Advocacy Program

Photo: AFSC

The Material Aid & Advocacy Program (MAAP), founded in 1944, is a one stop resource for those in need  in the Greater Cambridge-Boston area. MAAP helps to alleviate people’s immediate basic suffering by providing referred recipients with free material aid including clothing, household goods, survival supplies, and hygienic items. We assist recipients in meeting their broader needs by making available our Resource Guides that include all the information necessary to access shelters, food pantries, community meals, employment assistance and more. Annually, MAAP serves over 2,000 individuals and families referred from over 80 service providers and community organizations from the Greater Cambridge-Boston Area. We are committed to treating those we serve with dignity and respect, and provide a safer space to share resources, build community and move forward together. 

MAAP also advocates alongside and on behalf of those we serve; the broader community of people who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness to improve their immediate situations, such as humane and dignified treatment in shelters and improved shelter conditions. Also, MAAP advocates for long-term solutions to homelessness including increased low-income housing, expanded voucher programs, housing first initiatives, and upstream homelessness prevention.

To find out how MAAP can help you or someone you know, click here.  

To find out how you can help MAAP and those we serve, click here.