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Africa Public Education and Advocacy


The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) works for the shared security of all people — in Africa and worldwide. We promote nonviolent approaches to reduce violence, engage all sides in seeking peaceful solutions to conflicts, and support local people — especially youth and women — in becoming agents of change.  

Working with communities in Africa

AFSC is committed to the peace and dignity of all Africans. Our programs in Africa include: 

  • Helping youth and women develop leadership and life skills. 
  • Working to prevent election violence.
  • Facilitating post-conflict healing and reconciliation.
  • Addressing systemic causes of violence.
  • Creating space for dialogue for communities to learn and resolve conflict without violence. 


Education and advocacy in the U.S. 

To support these efforts, AFSC works in the United States to educate people about Africa and to advocate for policies to promote peace and security in African countries.

AFSC’s Washington, D.C.-based Public Education and Advocacy Program promotes the lessons learned from our work in Africa and amplifies the voices of our local partners there. 

AFSC program staff:

  • Make policy recommendations to decision-makers in the international community.
  • Advocate for better U.S. policies toward African countries.
  • Engage African diaspora communities to influence U.S. policy on Africa.
  • Encourage people in the U.S. to take part in efforts to build long-term peace and justice in Africa.  

AFSC’s advocacy efforts in the U.S. focus primarily on Burundi, Kenya, Somalia, and Zimbabwe. We coordinate working groups on Burundi and Somalia, organize public forums on issues related to these countries, hosts advocacy events on Capitol Hill, conduct quiet diplomacy with U.S. government and international agencies, and engage the media on our issues.  

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