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The reality is that Minnesota has some of the worst disparities in the nation. Healing Justice Program St. Paul works to disrupt the cradle-to-prison pipeline through anti-racist youth organizing, restorative practices and coalition building. We help to build the capacity of youth, educators and community members as they seek to have intentional conversations about race, racism and institutions and their lasting effects.

Our work is two-fold; working within a system to effect change on a systemic level and working with youth that are most directly impacted by inherently racist systems. The reality is that most organizations only work with adults and continue to talk about and around youth without ever engaging them in the conversation. We help youth to name and identify what is happening to them and encourage them to fight against their current reality. Healing Justice St. Paul and Youth Undoing Institutional Racism does this work.


Healing justice advocates convene in the Twin Cities

Four advocates of healing justice share their experiences and explain why restorative rather than punitive practices work better for all involved. 

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