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The U.S./Mexico Border Program advances human rights and self-determination of migrant communities through base-building, alliance-building, documentation, and policy-impact. 

We support local community-based organizing campaigns, train and accompany community-based leadership to educate, advocate, mobilize, and organize constituents to secure just and humane immigration policies.  

Using a human rights framework and in collaboration with community partners, we advance policies affecting immigration and border issues and build alliances to protect migrant and non-migrant rights.

Base Building

Our goal is to contribute to the leadership development of migrant workers and their families through the promotion of human rights towards fostering community-level organization throughout the County of San Diego. We offer Know-Your-Rights, Human Rights, and immigration policy workshops to migrant families and the general public.


Our goal is to engage community partners and leaders to monitor and document instances of civil and human rights abuse by law enforcement agencies. The objective of documenting law enforcement activity is to change policies and practices that violate human rights, and change the public discourse away from border militarization, towards just and humane immigration policies that benefit migrant workers and their families.

Alliance Building

Recognizing the interdependence of our struggle for social and economic justice with the larger movement for immigrant, migrant and refugee rights, we work with other organizations locally, statewide, regionally, and nationally to build a human rights movement in favor of humane immigration policy.

Policy Impact

With the goal of transforming public policy in favor and in the interest of migrant workers and their families, we work with our allies and community partners to engage with legislative and administrative/executive bodies to bring about greater accountably and transparency of law enforcement agencies and shift public policy away from profit-driven objectives. 


News and updates

Hearing on the US killing of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas
West Region News December 2022
Posted: Dec 2, 2022
San Diego Free Them All protest at Otay Mesa Detention Center
West Region News March 2022
Posted: Mar 11, 2022

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