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The Mexico - U.S. Barrier

Photo: AFSC

AFSC's Mexico program works to shift the narrative on migration in the region and promote policies and practices to protect the human rights of migrants. By coordinating with civil society, community-based organizations, and other key actors, we carry out collaborative advocacy, raise awareness, and rapidly respond to urgent needs in the region.

Mexico has one of the largest migratory corridors in the world, playing a key role in the human mobility phenomenon in the continent. AFSC works along both borders of Mexico: Tijuana, Baja California (northern border), and Chiapas (southern border).

Together with partners, AFSC generates strategic information to bring attention to the issue of internal forced displacement. We document cases of human rights violations committed by U.S. authorities against the migrant population from Mexico and Central America. We also monitor the conditions of migrants in transit and in immigration detention centers.

AFSC complements this work by building the capacity of civil-society and community-based organizations. We work with a range of networks, coalitions, political platforms, and working groups, to have greater impact on advocacy, to raise awareness, and to conduct rapid response actions. This collaboration promotes spaces to generate strategic alliances in the country and beyond.

Our partners in the country are:

·       Coalición Pro-Defensa del Migrante, A.C. / Coalition for the Defense of Migrants

·       Mesa de Coordinación Transfronteriza Migraciones y Género (México-Guatemala) / Cross-border Roundtable on Migration and Gender (México - Guatemala)

·       Grupo de monitoreo de la frontera sur / Monitoring group of southern-border

·       Grupo de detención como forma de tortura / Group of detention as a form of torture

·       Grupo de respuesta rápida de la frontera sur para acompañar y monitorear Derechos Humanos de las caravanas de migrantes / Rapid response group at southern border to accompany and monitor Human Rights of migrant caravans

·       Red Regional de Organizaciones Civiles para las Migraciones (RROCM) / Regional Network of Civil Organizations for Migration (RNCOM)

·       Grupo de Trabajo sobre Política Migratoria en Mexico / Working Group on Migration Policy in Mexico

·       Grupo Articulador para el Plan de Acción de Brasil / Regional Working Group for the Brazil Plan of Action