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In 2013, AFSC completed an evaluation along the Northern border of Mexico. The purpose was to promote dialog spaces and partnerships with organizations of civil society to join forces in topics related to regional immigration, security, and violation of human rights. 

Northern Border  

Since 2014, AFSC in Tijuana, Baja California, has taken advocacy actions focused on making visible the internal forced displacement in Mexico, documenting the conditions of the migrant population and asylum petitioners, and the violations to their rights, jointly with the US-Mexico Border Program of the AFSC San Diego. Additionally, they have been looking after the organizational strengthening for protection of migrant people.   

In the Northern border, AFSC belongs to the Tijuana Migratory Monitoring and Observation Collective and works in partnership with the Coalition for the Defense of Migrants. 

Southern Border 

Since the work that has been completed in the cross-border region has been of prominence, AFSC began operations in the Southern border of Mexico in September 2018, based in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. Currently, the program aims to strengthen processes that generate strategic information and investigation that may contribute with the work the civil society networks have done for the actions of political advocacy and awareness about immigration and Human Rights in the cross-border region. At this time, AFSC coordinates efforts with organizations and civil society networks in the Southern and Northern borders of Mexico, Guatemala, and other countries. 

Likewise, AFSC belongs to the Groups Against the Migratory Detention and Torture, the Working Group of the Migration Policy in Mexico, Southeast Mexico Human Rights Observation and Monitoring Collective, and the national chapter of the Cross-border Roundtable on Migration and Gender (Guatemala - Mexico). 


It's time to reopen the border and reverse Title 42


AFSC's Pedro Rios reports from the U.S. – Mexico border in Tijuana.

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