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AFSC in Jordan is currently implementing multiple initiatives to support both Jordanian citizens and Syrian refugees residing in the country. In 2021, the currently active programs are focused on enhancing civic engagement, which is providing platforms and resources for the support and implementation of community-led initiatives.

One of AFSC’s signature programs is the Shabab (Youth in Arabic) civic engagement program. Which was launched in 2020 with the goal of improving active participation of Syrian and Jordanian adolescents and youth in Jordan, through engaging participants in a year-long learning journey that is aimed to improve their civic engagement skills and their participation in decision-making procedures around key causes in their communities.

During the pandemic, AFSC worked on multiple initiatives to support refugee families affected by COVID-19 in Jordan. This included the distribution of cash assistance and hygiene kits for refugee families (Syrians, Iraqi and Sudanese) in need.

AFSC started its operations in Jordan in 1953. Since that time, and in the 60s and 70s, AFSC focused on the development of rural communities across different Jordanian villages and poverty pockets. The projects provided agricultural and vocational training and assisted self-help housing construction. In addition to these activities, AFSC also assisted in strengthening the Ministry of Social development with staff capacity building as well as supporting the government of Jordan with multiple initiatives. 

AFSC has also supported Palestinian refugees in 1967 and has worked on a large-scale Humanitarian Assistance Program in 2003 to support Iraqi refugees in the country who fled Iraq after the war.

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