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AFSC has run a number of projects in Jordan since 1953. The initial programs in the 50s and 60s were focused on development and in different Jordanian villages and poverty pockets. the projects provided agricultural and vocational training and assisted self-help housing construction. In addition to these activities AFSC (from 1967) also assisted the Ministry of Social development with staff capacity building.

In 1990 AFSC introduced the Iraq Program which provided relief assistance for foreign workers who left Iraq for Jordan in the weeks following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. In 2003 the Humanitarian assistance program was established to support Iraqi refugees in Jordan, providing rehabilitation of amputees, employment training, and psycho-social wellness training.

Since the starting of the war in Syria, AFSC in Jordan has been focused on providing support for the refugees and the Jordanian host community. In 2016 and In collaboration with local partner organizations, AFSC Jordan Implemented an intervention on community cohesion and conflict resolution. AFSC’s approach for interventions with Syrian refugees and host communities is focused on strengthening the capacity of civil society and local partner originations in implementing community cohesion, leadership development, social justice, civil society, women, and youth empowerment projects. Additionally, AFSC has been working through local partners in Amman to provide relief and resilience services for refugee minorities residing in Jordan including Sudanese, Somalians and Yemeni refugees. 

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Assembling equipment for Nation Station kitchen initiative in Beirut.
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Standing with people in Beirut
Posted: Nov 2, 2020

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