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In El Salvador, AFSC started operations in 2014 with two priorities: to work with Salvadorian young people who are in the process of peacebuilding, and advocate for the rights of those who are in condition of displacing and mobility. The Peace Programs of Human Migration and Mobility foster the development of capacities, establish strategic partnerships and help to create dialog spaces between key actors for a social transformation. 

Peace Program 

The strategy of the Peace Program in El Salvador focuses its actions in three broad lines of action: Community accompaniment, Generation of information and advocacy. Currently, these action lines are implemented through the project called Micro Peace Networks that foster young people recognition as entities subject to rights to contribute the change of narratives that stigmatize and exclude them. For this purpose, alternative strategies have been implemented based on community and urban artistic expressions.  

Likewise, the Peace Program in El Salvador also supports the actions of young community organizations, national and international organizations, and governmental entities. 

Human Migration and Mobility Program  

For its part, the Human Migration and Mobility Program is supporting to make visible the internal forced displacement by violence in general. To achieve this goal, it promotes and facilitates the cooperative work between local organizations to generate strategic information acquired from the accompanying of cases and planning and execution of actions of political advocacy.  

AFSC is a member of the national chapter of the Regional Network of Civil Organizations for Migration and the Civil Society Roundtable Against Forced Displacement due to Violence in El Salvador.


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