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El Salvador

El Salvador

Youth raising hands in the air and smiling
Photo: AFSC

AFSC´s work in El Salvador began in 2014 and has two priorities: establishing Micro Peace Networks for peace building and advocating on issues of displacement, migration, and human rights. In each case, the program promotes capacity building, establishes strategic alliances, and helps create spaces for dialogue.

The Micro Peace Networks--Colectivo Sol Mayor and Comité Expresión Juvenil Hip-Hop--promote lasting peace in urban communities by building and strengthening networks with local organizations, youth leaders, and public authorities. They help people exchange ideas and enhance their leadership skills, as well as plan and promote nonviolent community activities.

AFSC also forms strategic alliances with nongovernmental organizations and public institutions in order to better address issues related to migration, forced displacement, and human rights. By facilitating spaces for dialogue at different levels of society, AFSC helps people in El Salvador understand the importance of peace building and nonviolent alternatives to conflict.