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Dayton, OH

Dayton, OH

Dayton Peace and Trade Justice Program

African Diaspora Dialogue: Community Building & Integration.

Photo: AFSC

AFSC’s Dayton Program works to transform Dayton into a global village of peace and prosperity and without discrimination for all the city’s residents. The program activities are focused on:

  • Civic engagement at the local level to ensure full implementation of the Welcome Dayton Plan that promotes immigrant entrepreneurship and integration in Dayton.
  • Civic engagement at the state government level to ensure full implementation of the Ohio General Assembly’s New African Immigrants Commission policies that address the needs of Sub-Saharan African communities in Ohio.
  • Formulating and fostering conflict-free trade principles and practices among compassionate and conscientious consumers in Dayton.
  • Educating faith communities and students about the Congo conflict minerals trade that has forced thousands of Africans to seek refuge in the United States.

We invite all people to help transform Dayton into a place where all residents live together in peace and harmony.