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The AFSC’s New Hampshire Program works with individuals, partner groups and coalitions to address the causes and effects of injustice in the state, with a special emphasis on promoting economic justice and the rights and well-being of immigrants, workers and prisoners; strengthening the safety net for low-income people; ending systems of state violence; developing new leaders and supporting community-led initiatives for social change; and supporting New Hampshire people to be active in policy advocacy. To support movement building, AFSC-NH engages in a variety of coordinated strategies to vitalize and nourish a growing movement of diverse people calling for social, racial and economic justice.    

News and updates

State House Watch: January 15, 2022
Posted: Jan 15, 2022
Build Back Better NH
State House Watch: January 7, 2021
Posted: Jan 7, 2022
Newsroom item
NH residents need the BBB package
Dec 27, 2021

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