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AFSC’s work with China is committed to the importance of international cooperation. As China’s influence in the world increases, the world needs to understand more about China’s complex society and Chinese perceptions on critical issues. Also, China wants to better understand the concerns of citizens and civil society in different parts of the world.

AFSC fosters dialogue at all levels—from grassroots communities to academics and policymakers. AFSC's East Asia Quaker International Affairs Program works in collaboration with AFSC programs throughout Asia, Africa, the United States and the Quaker United Nations Office, facilitating dialogue, research, and exchanges between China, the United States, the United Nations, and developing countries.

The program focuses on four areas: engagement and research with China on sustainable development in Southeast Asia; regional engagement on conflict sensitive development practices; research on and dialogue with China on its involvement in UN peacebuilding and prevention of conflict processes; and research and advocacy around the evolving peace and security environment in the Asia Pacific Region.