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AFSC's Chicago office supports programs working for peace and social justice.

The Palestine Activism Program works to create awareness and support for social change initiatives for a just settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Peace Building Program works locally and nationally to highlight the human and economic cost of war and militarism through exhibits, actions and events.



News and updates

Let Me Tell You Michigan website launch
Midwest Digest June 2022
Posted: Jun 8, 2022
Alicia Brown and Maricela Garcia
Midwest Digest 2022
Posted: May 5, 2022
Preview of "Protection not detention" poster with dove above two family members
Take action for Palestinian rights
Posted: Apr 18, 2022


We are the Midwest!

Hector Salamanca, an AFSC Iowa Dreamer and intern, reads a poem written by Michael McConnell to celebrate the creation of AFSC's Midwest Region in 2012.