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The New Mexico People of the Land Program's overall mission is to revitalize small, sustainable farms throughout the state, thereby protecting culture, natural land, water resources, and jobs, while improving the health of New Mexico's children and their communities.

The security of marginalized New Mexico communities depends upon self-determination and the protection of land, water, and culture. Threats to security include extractive management of resources, depletion of soil, scarcity of water, overdevelopment and gentrification, climate change, and economic/political marginalization.

In response to these, the New Mexico program combines farmer training, cooperative development/farmer aggregation, and civic engagement/policy advocacy to support a thriving and healthy food system in New Mexico. The program serves New Mexico’s Indo-Hispano, immigrant, and Native American communities. Since 2009, the program has also focused on supporting systems that bring locally-grown fresh food to children in schools and daycares across the state.

The New Mexico People of the Land Program addresses community issues in three major ways, by:

  1. Providing small farmer training with technical support and infrastructure development;
  2. Incubating farmer cooperatives and expanding markets for small farmers, such as schools and daycares;
  3. Supporting leaders through community organizing; and
  4. Providing civic engagement opportunities for farmers to become involved with progressive policy changes related to natural resources and agriculture.

The work is highly collaborative and integrated. In partnership with local organizations and farmers, we incubate and support community projects, always with the goal of transitioning to local coordination and control.

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News and updates

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May 15, 2019
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Mar 21, 2019


Where the Lettuce Comes From

This four minute video shows the AFSC New Mexico project "Agri-Cultura Network" that successfully brought small organic farmers together to sell to the local public schools.

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