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The New Mexico People of the Land Program's overall mission is to revitalize small, sustainable farms throughout the state, thereby protecting culture, natural land, water resources, and jobs, while improving the health of New Mexico's children and their communities. We provided farmer to farmer training programs in Albuquerque, Espanola and Anthony, NM. We build infrastructure for small family farms around the state, including 35 passive solar coldframes and 5 walk-in coolers. We also incubate farmer cooperatives and have built a network of small scale family farms across the state and Pueblos.

As part of our motto "Kids Win When Farmers and Schools Work Together" we have managed a Farm to School program for six years and a Farm to Early Childhood Education Centers for three years. Our Healthy Food Campaigns, like the Great Carrot Crunch, Terrific Turnip Tasting, and Cherry Tomato Chomp, get children excited about eating healthy with fun classroom activities.

We launched our Farm to Food Bank project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 31st, 2020, the birthday of Cesar Chavez.  Small-scale sustainable farms have food, but many of their markets are no longer buying perishable produce.  Food banks are experiencing unprecedented need.  AFSC is bridging that gap. In 10 months we have directly purchased over 15,000 lbs of produce from 30 local farms at a fair price and donated to food banks and other relief organizations across the state. We also supplied these farmers with seeds and farm materials, as well as new safety items like face masks and gloves, and they will in turn provide a portion of the food they grow to the local foodbanks and senior centers.    For regular updates, please visit

Read more about some of the programs that we've created throughout the years: The People of the Land, New Mexico Farmer-to-Farmer training program, and New Mexico Agri-cultura Program

You can donate specifically to Farm to Food Bank here, or donate to the larger AFSC with the red donate button in the right hand column.

Program Highlights


Nurturing Soil for Climate Health

Fidel Gonzalez and Matthew Drapers are farmers in Albuquerque who use low till and no till practices to promote soil health.  A teaspoon of soil can have billions of microbes that are essential to

Help Provide Pandemic Relief to Elders in Palestine

Give today to provide much-needed pandemic relief supplies for communities in Palestine, including housebound and impoverished seniors in Gaza and the West Bank. Your contribution also supports AFSC’s advocacy efforts in the region to end the Israeli blockage and ensure that Palestinians have access to the vaccine.

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