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We Are Not At-Risk Global Campaign

Support our movement to change harmful narratives about youth: Jan. 6-21

There are 3 billion young people around the world, each with their own story. The words we all use to describe youth should focus on their assets and humanity—centering on the wholeness of the individual. But media outlets big and small often forgo well-rounded representations of young people in favor of descriptions that dehumanize and criminalize. 

Our youth-led campaign “We Are Not At-Risk” focuses on transforming the stories that media tell about young people.  

Join us by taking part in our campaign from Jan. 6-21! 

If you are a member of the media, take the pledge to adopt our framework for telling stories about youth.

For more ideas on how we can all stand with young people, scroll down to our "3 ways we can all take action" below.  

Follow the hashtags: #wearenotatrisk  #3billionstrong  

Media, journalists, and bloggers: Take the pledge

Our “We Are Not At-Risk” urges media outlets, journalists, and bloggers to stand with 3 billion youth around the world by signing our pledge to:

  • Bring more youth voices into media narratives.
  • Frame stories about young people in humanistic ways that do not contribute to their oppression.
  • Shed light on systemic challenges (e.g. unemployment) many young people face and solutions they create in their communities.

See our Youth Media Framework for Guidance for media outlets on how to represent young people with a humanistic, asset-based lens.

How to tell stories about youth in the media

Download our "Youth Media Framework," a guide for the media on how to talk about young people and avoid racist, colonialist language and descriptions.

3 ways we can all take action to stand with young people

1. Follow the hashtags #wearenotatrisk and #3billiongstrong on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

  • Like, comment on, and repost stories and images.  
  • When you share a post, be sure to tag your local media outlets (blogs, magazines, TV stations, newspapers, journalists, etc.) and encourage them to take the pledge at
  • If you are a young person, share your own story on social media.

2. Contact local media outlets that you are familiar with through email, phone, social media, or our postcards (download them here).   

  • Encourage them to take the pledge and adopt the Youth Media Framework.  

3. Host a story gathering event featuring visual art or written stories in your community to:  

  • Discuss the “We Are Not At-Risk” campaign and Youth Media Framework.  
  • Give attendees postcards for the media, which they can fill out and address to journalists, bloggers, and others. 
  • As a group, drop off postcards off at a media outlet or mail them in.  
  • Take pictures of your event and share on social media using #wearenotatrisk #3billionstrong. 

Download our guide with more event tips  

Resources for youth and allies

Watch the video

Youth in Action

Media, journalists, & bloggers: Take our pledge

Help end harmful narratives about youth.

Learn more by reading our Youth Media Framework.  

Take the pledge


Postcards to send to the media 

Get our postcards to send to the media, asking them to take our pledge.


"We Are Not" signs and posters

Download and print signs in six different languages. Share a photo of yourself holding one on social media. 

Learn more

Youth in Action

Meet the global network of youth leaders working together to strengthen their capacity to transform their respective communities.

More resources

Check out media coverage and blog posts about We Are Not At-Risk:

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