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Nobel Peace Prize nominations

As a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, AFSC has the opportunity to nominate worthy individuals or groups for the nobel prize. Several AFSC nominees have won the prize, although often a few years after our nomination, including Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Carter, and Desmond Tutu.

1948    Mahatma Gandhi

1949    John Boyd Orr

1950    Andre Trocme/Wilhelm Mensching

1951    Jawaharlal Nehru

1952    Sir Benegal Rau

1953    William O. Douglas

1954    Frank P. Graham

1955    Andre Trocme/Wilhelm Mensching

1956    Elisabeth Rotten

1957    Service Civil International

1958    No nomination

1959    No nomination

1960    Norman Cousins

1961    Dag Hammerskjold

1962    Norman Cousins

1963    Martin Luther King Jr.

1964    Martin Luther King Jr.

1965    Norman Cousins

1966    No nomination

1967    U Thant

1968    U Thant

1969    Danilo Dolci

1970    Fellowship of Reconciliation/International FOR

1971    Cesar Chavez

1972    U Thant

1973    Helder Camara

1974    Cesar Chavez/Helder Camara

1975    Cesar Chavez/Helder Camara

1976    Committee for Cooperation for Peace in Chile

1977    No nomination

1978    Stephen Biko (withdrawn since award not made posthumously)

1979    Ham Sok Han

1980    Danilo Dolci

1981    Bishop Tutu

1982    Bishop Tutu

1983    General Matityahu Peled/Dr. Isam Sartawi

1984    United Nations Law of the Sea

1985    Ham Sok Han

1986    Brian Urquhart - UN Undersecretary for Political Affairs

1987    Brian Urquhart

1988    Inga Thorsson ( Sweden )/Gro Brundtland ( Norway )

1989    Biship Antonio Y. Fortich

1990    Elise Boulding

1991    Jimmy Carter

1992    Moon Ik-Hwan ( Korea )

1993    Christian Frederick Beyers Naude (Afrikaner clergyman)

1994    Sulak Sivaraksa ( Thailand )

1995    Ibrahim Rugova

1996    Maha Ghosananda

1997    Jimmy Carter

1998    Bishop Don Samuel Ruiz Garcia

1999    Sister Helen Prejean

2000    Kathleen Kelly and Denis Halliday

2001    Peace Brigades International

2002    Community of St Egidio in Rome

2003    Women in Black

2004    Zachie Achmat and The South African Treatment Action Center

2005    Nihon Hidankyo (an organization of Hibakusha)

2006   Ghassan Andoni and Jeff Halper

2007   The Peace Community of San José de Apartadó and the Asociación de Cabildos Indígenas del Norte del Cauca (ACIN)

2008   Aminatou Haidar

2009   Gene Sharp

2010   Father Roy Bourgeois and School of the Americas Watch

2011   Nihon Hidankyo

2012   Hawa Abdi of Somalia

2013   Gene Sharp

2014   Ekta Parishad and the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)

2015   Victor Ochen

2016   Nonviolent Peaceforce

2017   Christian Peacemaker Teams

2018   Search for Common Ground

2019   Nominee asked to remain anonymous

2021  Mwatana for Human Rights and Campaign Againt Arms Trade

2022  Quaker group nominates Kenyan Dr. Miriam Were for Nobel Peace Prize 

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