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Solidarity with queer and trans people in the face of violence

Photo of hands holding a candle
Photo: / AFSC

On November 19, five people were killed and at least 25 were injured in a mass shooting at an LGBTQ+ club in Colorado Springs. Patrons who acted quickly to disarm the shooter saved many lives. We yearn for a world where everyone can express their identity and live in safety. Our hearts go out to the victims and survivors, their families, and the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado during this time. We are holding you in the Light.

Club Q had been honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance as part of a week of activities celebrating the transgender community. For the LGBTQ+ community, gathering spaces such as these have been and must be a sanctuary. The club has acted as a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community in a town that hosts organizations which employ openly homophobic and transphobic rhetoric and whose neighboring congressional representative, Lauren Boebert, can be heard on the airwaves and seen online stoking these same hateful ideas.

These horrifying acts of transphobic and homophobic violence compound the ongoing trauma caused by those who empower, disseminate and carry out anti-LGBTQ+ hate and violence across all sectors of society. We are holding in the Light our staff, volunteers, and community members who are particularly impacted by these attacks and the ideology behind them, and we deepen our commitment to work for a world without bigotry and violence. AFSC stands in unrelenting solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, today and every day.

We invite people in the Denver area to join a vigil tonight, Monday November 21 at 7pm MT at Reelworks Denver hosted by ONE Colorado and the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado 1399 35th St, Denver, CO 80205.