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AFSC launches fundraiser to support 150 families impacted by Tropical Storm Julia

Relief efforts in El Salvador
Photo: / AFSC

SAN SALVADOR/PHILADELPHIA (October 18, 2022) A week after Tropical Storm Julia hit El Salvador, the storm continues to drench the country with torrential rains. This has caused immense loss of human lives, and further flooding and mud slides are likely to continue over the coming days. The American Friends Service Committee – a Quaker organization that has been working in El Salvador since 2014 – is raising funds to support recovery efforts in rural areas.

AFSC is partnering with Asociación Nuevo Amanecer El Salvador (ANADES) and the Center for Exchange and Solidarity (CIS) on relief efforts for rural communities. The organizations have identified 150 families whose homes have been destroyed. The funds raised will help these families rebuild and pay for food, hygiene supplies, roof sheets (so that people return to their houses), and biosafety kits, as well as supporting AFSC’s ongoing work in El Salvador. Find more information on how to donate here.

“A state of national emergency has been declared by the government due to the tropical storm. There is a serious need for humanitarian support as we recover from the impact of this storm,” said Rebeca Sandoval, National Program Coordinator of AFSC’s El Salvador program. “This fundraising effort is an opportunity for people across the globe to support the Salvadorian people as they face the impacts of global climate change.”

AFSC works with young people and women in El Salvador to promote community organizing, and advocates for the rights of those who are displaced by violence and economic insecurity. These programs foster local connections, establish strategic partnerships, and help to create dialog spaces between key actors for a social transformation. 


The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) promotes a world free of violence, inequality, and oppression. Guided by the Quaker belief in the divine light within each person, we nurture the seeds of change and the respect for human life to fundamentally transform our societies and institutions.