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Empowering communities

In communities devastated by mass incarceration, abusive systems of imprisonment, and the collateral consequences of arrest and conviction, AFSC’s New York Healing Justice Program supports people to heal and take leadership roles in confronting injustice. We join these communities in challenging the realities and political and economic root causes of these injustices, including the racism embedded in our criminal legal and related systems.

Accompanying those inside

Thousands of men, women and children are experiencing the injustice of serving long-term or life incarceration. With our Hope Lives for Lifers Project, we work with them inside New York State prisons. We guide them on a path of growth and development during their incarceration while advocating for systemic changes that might bring them home.

Training tomorrow’s agents of change

Our annual Liberation Summer Youth Advocacy Training Camp prepares young people to be agents of change. During the camp, they identify and study the injustices in America’s criminal and immigration systems. They also develop and use the skills of advocacy, filmmaking and photography to effect change. For many campers, this experience fosters in them a lifelong commitment to fight for justice.

Program Highlights


How Quakers Can Help End Mass Incarceration

The United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world, with over 2.4 million people currently behind bars. What can Quakers do about it?