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Youth in Action

North Carolina Sanctuary Movement

Stand with our community members in sanctuary

In North Carolina, community members, congregations, and organizations are taking a powerful stand as part of the sanctuary movement. Together, we're pushing back against immigration policies that tear apart families and communities in our state.

We invite you to learn more about the courageous sanctuary leaders who are at the forefront of this movement—and join us in rejecting unjust and inhumane policies and practices.

Sign the petitions below to help protect Juana, Jose, and others from deportation. And join us in calling for humane policies that welcome and respect the dignity of all people. 



Sign their petitions!


Oscar Canales

Oscar is the father of three and owner of his own roofing company. 


Eliseo Jimenez

This father of four faces deportation after a routine traffic stop.


Rosa Ortez Cruz

A mother of four children, Rosa came to the U.S. from Honduras in 2002, fleeing extreme domestic violence.


Samuel Oliver-Bruno

Samuel is a hard-working father whose wife requires critical medical care. 


Minerva Cisneros

After three months in sanctuary, this mother was able to go home.   


Juana Tobar Ortega

Help keep this North Carolina grandmother with her family.


Jose Chicas

Tell ICE to grant this North Carolina pastor relief from deportation.