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National Office of Public Policy and Advocacy (OPPA)

National Office of Public Policy and Advocacy (OPPA)

U.S. Capitol Building
Photo: AFSC

The Office of Public Policy and Advocacy leads AFSC’s organization-wide efforts to achieve public policy-related goals, carrying the voice of regional AFSC experience across the globe to policy makers in the nation’s capital, and engaging AFSC program staff and constituencies in organization-wide strategies to effect policy change through coordinated local, regional, and national actions.

Take Action

  • Mahmoud Shaalan was a 16-year-old high school student who was born and raised in Florida. He was shot by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint near the Beit El settlement in the...
  • Tell your elected officials to stop U.S. military action in Iraq and vote "NO" on any new authorization for the use of military force.
  • Tell Congress that it's time for a new negotiations process that addresses the deeper structural injustices of the Israel-Palestine conflict and thereby permanently stops...