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Minute in support of H.R. 2407 from Northwest Quarter of New England Yearly Meeting

Northwest Quarter of New England Yearly Meeting
At Burlington Monthly Meeting
March 8, 2020

A number of meetings in the Quarter have considered the quarter’s charge to look at the AFSC No Way to Treat a Child program. Friends in Bennington, Burlington, and Putney as well as Friends present report being in unity with this program. Others are still considering or have not yet had a chance to complete this task. We spoke of ways to continue with this concern.

We ask New England Yearly Meeting to consider supporting the AFSC program “No Way to Treat a Child” and support the bill HR2407 entitled “Promoting
Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under the Israeli Military Occupation Act” at sessions.

We might like to hear more information on a Zoom call or a webinar, although we may tap into existing webinars on this topic. We would like to have a Quarter letter writing campaign, and Progressive Secretary might be a tool to accomplish this. We might host speakers at a future Quarterly Meeting. We are in this for the long haul. Several people stepped forward to move this work forward.....

We leave the discussion of this topic reminding ourselves again to search for the courage to talk with our neighbors on these hard topics. It is part of a larger picture. Concern for the safety and welfare of children applies not only to the Israeli/ Palestinian border but also treatment of children at the US/Mexico border and in our detention system. We need to hold ourselves accountable. We also need to trust in the Spirit.

Rachel Walker Cogbill, Recording Clerk
Carl Williams, Clerk