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Stand with the migrant caravan

Since mid-October, caravans of migrants have been traveling north from Central America. The group includes people of all ages, including families and children – many of whom are escaping violence and poverty and seeking asylum in the U.S. and Mexico. 

But instead of responding with compassion, President Trump has exploited the caravan to advance his anti-immigrant agenda.

AFSC organized a very different response. With support from communities across the country, we're standing in solidarity with the caravan and calling on the U.S. to protect the rights and dignity of all immigrants. 

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A message of thanks

Watch AFSC's Douglas Juarez share how generous AFSC supporters helped us respond to the migrant caravan.


Hear from Bryan, a migrant caravan participant

Bryan is a DACA recipient who was deported to Guatemala after living in the U.S. for 22 years.

Love Knows No Borders: A moral call for migrant justice

AFSC and partners organized a nonviolent direct action at the border, calling on the U.S. to respect the human right to migrate, end the militarization of border communities, and end the detention and deportation of immigrants. People in more than 70 cities across the country organized local events in solidarity. 

How to talk about the migrant caravan

Here’s how you should talk about the migrant caravan to avoid reinforcing Trump's harmfulmessages.

A report from the migrant caravan

AFSC's Kerri Kennedy shares her experience traveling to Mexico City to meet with people in the caravans. 

Update: Migrant caravan emergency response

Thanks to AFSC supporters, our response to the caravan is underway – one that recognizes our shared humanity and is grounded in kindness and compassion.

Press release

AFSC speaks out against border militarization and Trump’s attack on asylum

Treating our communities like war zones by deploying additional military personnel to the southern border is a heavy-handed approach that endangers the rights of migrants and residents of border communities.

Acting in Faith

The freedom to seek sanctuary

AFSC's Lucy Duncan offers a Quaker perspective on the migrant caravan. 

Press release

Advocates travel to border to support migrant caravan

“Our presence is important in order to document and expose the human rights violations that men, women, and children are facing as they try to pass through Mexico,” said AFSC's David Tobasura.

News & Commentary

Why the U.S. should welcome all migrants with compassion and humanity

As we push back against xenophobic policies designed to keep people out of the U.S., it’s crucial to recognize our own government’s part in forcing people to flee. 

Take action today

AFSC's emergency response

Support AFSC's work to protect human rights and help those fleeing violence.

Take action

4 ways to stand with the migrant caravan

Don’t let Trump exploit the migrant caravan to fuel hate and fear! 

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