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Pedro Rios

Pedro Rios
Pedro Rios, director of AFSC’s US/Mexico Border Program. Photo: AFSC
San Diego Program Director
Areas of Expertise 
Immigration | U.S./Mexico Border

Pedro Rios serves as director of the American Friends Service Committee’s U.S./Mexico Border Program and has been on staff with AFSC for 15 years. A native San Diegan, Pedro has worked on immigrant rights and border issues for over 20 years.  He became active on immigration issues in the early 1990s, when California was debating the passage of Proposition 187, the anti-immigrant initiative that was later ruled unconstitutional.

Pedro oversees a program that documents abuses by law enforcement agencies, collaborates with community groups, advocates for policy change, and works with migrant communities. He is a member of the steering committee for the Southern Border Communities Coalition and is Ex Officio representative for the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium’s Advisory Committee.  He holds a master’s degree in Ethnic Studies. Pedro has been widely interviewed and published by the Washington Post, CNN, Los Angeles Times, KPBSNBC7, and  the San Diego Union-Tribune, among others.