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Joseph Gerson

Joseph Gerson
Joseph Gerson, Director of AFSC’s Peace and Economic Security Program.
Peace & Economic Security
Areas of Expertise 
Nuclear Disarmament | NATO | Asia Pacific Affairs

Joseph Gerson serves as AFSC’s disarmament coordinator, as director of programs in New England, and as director of the Peace and Economic Security Program. He has worked with AFSC since 1976.

Joseph plays a leading role in building collaborations among U.S., Asian, and European peace and nuclear weapons abolition movements. His program work focuses on challenging and overcoming U.S. global hegemony, including its preparations for and threats to initiate nuclear war and its military domination of the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Joseph has been interviewed by and published in numerous outlets including the BBC, Voice of America, the Boston Globe, and Associated Press.  He is also the author of the renowned Empire and the Bomb. Joseph has served as co-convener of the NPT Review 2010 International Planning Committee for Nuclear Abolition, Peace and Justice and of Network for a NATO-Free Future. He works closely with Gensuikyo (Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs) and other Asian and Pacific peace organizations.

Joseph received his Doctorate in Politics and International Security Studies from the Union Institute and College.

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