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Arnie Alpert

Arnie Alpert at a podium
New Hampshire Co-Director
Areas of Expertise 
Corporate influence | Economic justice | New Hampshire politics


Arnie Alpert is co-director of AFSC’s New Hampshire office, where he has worked since 1981.

Prior to joining the AFSC, Arnie worked as a volunteer and staff member with the Clamshell Alliance, the organization that popularized nonviolent direct action to halt nuclear power plants. Arnie began leading training sessions on the philosophy and methods of active nonviolence with the Clamshell and 1977 and never stopped. He is also well known for workshops that prepare grassroots activists to “bird-dog” candidates for office, especially during the lead-up to the New Hampshire presidential primary.

As Communications Coordinator for the Martin Luther King Day Committee from 1988 to 1999, Arnie played a central role in the campaign for a state holiday honoring Dr. King. Legislation establishing the holiday was finally enacted in 1999 and first observed officially in 2000. He was also the lead organizer of a group that became known as the “Footlocker 8” after they were arrested for distributing anti-

sweatshop leaflets inside a shopping mall in 1998. Arnie’s article about the Footlocker 8, “Bringing Globalization Home is No Sweat,” is included in Living in Hope: People Challenging Globalization, edited by John Feffer (Zed Books, 2002).

In 2011, Arnie sparked the organizing of the Interfaith Voices for a Humane Budget, a group that was ejected from the State House during deliberations over Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien’s budget. That group, now known as the NH Voices of Faith, continues to hold prayer vigils inside the State House at the time of hearings and votes on bills affecting major social issues.

Since 2011, Arnie has published a weekly “State House Watch” newsletter while the legislature is in session. Since 2013, he has also co-hosted a weekly radio show of the same name on WNHN-FM. He has published numerous opinion articles in New Hampshire newspapers, as well as in The Progressive, Dollars and Sense, Friends Journal, and The Street.

Arnie has received awards from groups including the NH Women’s Lobby, the Martin Luther King Coalition, the NH AFL-CIO, the ACLU-NH, and Rivier University. He is an active member of his union, which is part of the UNITE HERE New England Joint Board.

He received a BA in Environmental Science from Wesleyan University in 1977 and an MS in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University in 1995. He lives in Canterbury, New Hampshire.

Arnie blogs at and tweets @arniealpert.

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