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Using the AFSC Logo

Download the version you need

Note that the logo is available in two file types, or formats. The EPS format should be used for printed materials, since it's a what's called a vector format — meaning it can be enlarged to any size without getting fuzzy or pixelated. The other format, JPEG, should be used for use on the web, and should only be used for print materials when it will appear less than 3 inches wide.

To download a file, right-click on its link and select "Save target as...", which will let you choose where to save it on your computer.

Preview of basic AFSC logo

Logo variations to choose from

Basic version (as shown above): EPS | JPEG
All versions: ZIP (contains 10 TIFF files)

How to use the AFSC logo

  • Give it enough room to breathe (minimum margins are shown on p. 6 of the AFSC Standards Manual, below)
  • Always use the whole logo, not just the star, and not as a background or a border.
  • Don’t put the logo over busy backgrounds like photographs.
  • If you need to resize the logo, do it evenly so it stays in its proper proportion. Don't squish it, stretch it, or just drag the corner and eyeball it. If you don't have photo editing software you can resize images online for free with services like

AFSC Logo Standards Manual

This useful guide contains color specifications, minimum margin measurements, and further details on how to use (and not abuse) the AFSC logo.

View online  |  Download PDF (175 KB)

If you still have questions not addressed here, or need a special version of the logo, please email the design team.