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AFSC Staff Leadership

AFSC Staff Leadership

Philadelphia office

general secretary

Joyce Ajlouny (She/her)

associate general secretary for U.S. programs

Laura Boyce (She/her)

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Mark Graham (He/they)

Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations

Willa Streater (She/her)

Associate General Secretary for Advancement

Jason Drucker (He/him)

deputy general secretary

Hector Cortez (He/him)

associate general secretary for international programs

Kerri Kennedy (She/her)

senior director of diversity, equity and inclusion

Raquel Saraswati (She/her)

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Njoroge (He/him)

Director of planning and evaluation

Kimberly Niles (She/her)

Regional and office directors

Regional director, U.S. Northeast

Keith Harvey (He/him)

Regional Director, U.S. Midwest

Sharon Goens-Bradley (She/her/they/them)

Regional director, Asia

Sandra Veloso (She/her)

Director of public policy and advocacy

Aura Kanegis (She/her)

Regional Director, U.S. South

Jacob Flowers (He/him)

Regional director, U.S. West

Sonia Tuma (She/her)

regional director, Africa

Kennedy Akolo (He/him)

Regional director, Middle East

Khaled Elkouz (He/him)

Regional director, Latin America

Luis Paiz Bekker (He/him)

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