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AFSC Staff Leadership

AFSC Staff Leadership

Philadelphia office

general secretary

Joyce Ajlouny

associate general secretary for U.S. programs

Laura Boyce

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Mark Graham

Director of Human Resources

Willa Streater

Associate General Secretary for Advancement

Jason Drucker

deputy general secretary

Hector Cortez

associate general secretary for international programs

Kerri Kennedy

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Njoroge

Director of planning and evaluation

Kimberly Niles

Regional and office directors

Regional director, U.S. Northeast

Keith Harvey

Regional Director, U.S. Midwest

Sharon Goens-Bradley

Regional director, Asia

Sandra Veloso

director of Quaker United Nations Office

Andrew Tomlinson

Director of public policy and advocacy

Aura Kanegis

Regional Director, U.S. South

Jacob Flowers

Regional director, U.S. West

Sonia Tuma

regional director, Africa

Kennedy Akolo

Regional director, Middle East

Khaled Elkouz

Regional director, Latin America

Luis Paiz Bekker