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Prepare yourself in case of emergency

Photo: AFSC

Develop a family plan

Talk with your friends and family and make a plan of what to do in case you are detained. Write down important information about your children (their schools, doctors, medicine, etc.).

Designate a power of attorney

Designate a person who will be in charge of your property and accounts in case you are detained. Choose only a very well-known and trusted individual. You can give this person the power to sell your car or land and manage money in your bank accounts, if it becomes necessary to do so. You can also give someone the power to enroll your children in school and make certain medical decisions for them.

How to find people in detention

  • To find people in detention you can use the Online Detainee Locator System at:
  • To find out if and when an individual has an Immigration Court hearing, you can call the automated Immigration Court phone number: 1-800-898-7180. But you must know the Alien Registration number, or “A” number, assigned to the detainee when calling.

To report a possible raid, document your case of being picked up by ICE or find support for your deportation case, call the Your Voice Is Your Power hotline: 1-844-864-8341.


None of the information in this resource should be considered legal advice. Please speak to an immigration attorney or Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited representative about your particular case.