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Key Issue

Reconciliation and healing

Colonialism, slavery, war, genocide, and economic devastation leave legacies of trauma that can perpetuate cycles of violence. AFSC works to promote community-wide healing and restorative forms of justice so that people have an opportunity to speak their truths, heal from trauma, and seek reconciliation with one another.

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We asked Burundians living and working in peace villages—new settlements for people affected by war, including ex-combatants, returned refugees, and victims of violence—what peace means to them.

Healing initiatives

Denise Altvater

Telling stories of violence and trauma can lay the foundation for healing and for reconciliation.

Restorative justice

Mike and Russell

In Maryland, men siphoned out of Baltimore neighborhoods and into the prison system as part of the “War on Drugs” have fostered community and leadership development through the Friend of a Friend program. 

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